Getting The Right Domain Name

Let Chameleon Creative help you create the perfect domain name for your web site. Our professional team will help you determine which domain name best suits your company and help represent your brand digitally.

Think of your web site as an electronic brochure that markets you, your goods and services to new customers every day. Domain names are more than just a pretty name that appears at the top of the browser screen, it serves to explain who you are and what you are doing and can ensure the customer that the business pages they are looking at are specific to their needs. Whether you own a small auto repair shop or a large engineering firm, your domain name is meant to be simple and to the point. Let's get in touch and we'll help you pick the one that will better suit you and your company.

Can I Have More Than One Domain Name?

For sure! You can pick as many domain names as you like and we can direct them to your primary domain and web address. Having a single domain name is appropriate. If your primary domain name is very long, you may want to try using something a little shorter, or tailored at a somewhat different market.

Are Domain Names Expense?

Around the world, there are multiple organizations that manage domain registration records for a particular suffix. Most businesses sell domain registrations and prices are flexible depending on the type of domain (.com. net) and the length of time they are registered. A top-level domain name (.ca) for Canada is registered with the Canadian Internet Registry Authority (CIRA). Chameleon Creative can advise you on the most appropriate domain name for your company and costs.

Who holds the domain?

If you are registering a domain with Chameleon Creative, we will sign it for you. For the domain name, you will be the primary contact, and therefore you will have ownership over the name. For management and technological reasons, every domain will have the contact information connected with Chameleon Creative. We will take care of:

  • Simple registration for domain names
  • Assistance selecting the right name for you
  • Optimize search engine rankings with your domain
  • We offer a fully serviced management facility for your domain
  • Local technical support

Your Identity

Your Domain name is just as important as your business name. Let Chameleon Creative help you navigate through the Domain Name process. From creation to registration, we can help you find the perfect domain name for your business.


If you are thinking of a new web or print project or simply want to speak to someone about a new business venture and the marketing opportunities we can offer, then complete the brief form and one of our Project Managers will contact you.